Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go was just very recently released and already has topped the charts, breaking new records on the Apple store for number of downloads.


Even I have downloaded it and have been actively catching Pokémon, evolving them, and hatching little babies with the eggs I have collected. (I have five now and I am very excited about this).


I have joined Team Mystic or The Blue Team at the suggestion of all of my friends (Penn State students. We always have to be blue. There is no choice. Blue or nothing).

However Pokémon Go has done something that has not happened in a very long time, at least not where games are concerned.

Pokémon Go has forced people to be active in order to play. To find Pokémon you literally have to get up out of your bed or house and walk around. They don’t come to you (unless you have a lure of which I had three and used all of them lying in bed at midnight last night) but rather you must walk around (or drive around which is far more difficult and dangerous) and find them yourself.

You also have to walk around quite a bit to hatch eggs (from what I can tell 2km for the shortest distance, 10km for others) and just so you know driving doesn’t work. It knows you cheated and drove. You have to walk.


Also, if you are like me, once you have been catching Pokémon for a while you run out of balls to catch them in. This means a trip to a Pokéstop to get more balls. (This is also where you can get more eggs which are becoming my favorite thing to find. Update when I finally hatch one. Currently it is taking forever as I started hatching one this morning and sitting at my desk means walking to the bathroom is the only activity I am getting.)

You can also attempt to capture gyms with Pokémon you have trained and evolved. I am not that far yet as my best Pokémon doesn’t have enough candy to evolve so I have to wait.


(She needs a name btw so suggestions are welcome. I can’t call her Eevee forever.)

Overall I love playing the game and it has gotten me to be far more active, walking around my neighborhood or taking the longest route possible to the bathroom or the microwave for my lunch at work.

Funny how an app can cause people my age and younger to be way more active just to collect our Pokémon.


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