Recently I had the opportunity to visit a restaurant in Center Valley, PA by the name of Torre.

Essentially this is a review of the restaurant along with a slight delve into Latin American food.

To start the decor is amazing.


The semi-authentic chic style and design was beautiful and made for a wonderful atmosphere. The table I was seated at had a massive window open right next to me, letting in a light breeze from outside.

The first dish I tried was a Cameron Ceviche.


I honestly had no idea what it was when I ordered it. I just knew it came with shrimp. After asking the waitress and getting the dish I learned it is a dish, often served on the coastal regions of Latin America, with seafood, often raw, along with various vegetables and an acidic sauce made from things like lime or lemon. It had an interesting, intense flavor and I would definitely order it again.

The second thing I ordered was the Vera Cruz taco. Also because it came with shrimp.


So this dish was also amazing. Grilled shrimp with a fresh salsa and avocado. Rather self-explanatory and amazing.

So is this food completely authentic? Probably not. However with the avocado and basic ideas of the dishes it does draw from Latin American culture.

I would definitely recommend going  as the prices are within the $14 per plate which is reasonable for the portion size and the food is amazing.


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