Playhouse West Film Festival 2016

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Playhouse West 2016 Film Festival.

The festival was a two-day event in Philadelphia, of which I attended day one.

It featured both showings of the films and Q&A sessions after with the filmmakers.

Now I have attended a great number of various film festivals and it can be very hard to impress me but this one did.

This high-rated acting school in Philadelphia put together an incredibly well done film festival with numerous short films.

Many of the films were put together by current and former students of Playhouse West artistic director Tony Savant including performances and screenplays by Jim Parrack, Leven Rambin, Marshall Allman, John McNulty, Evangeline Young, and many many others.

The festival also featured the debut of the film “Red” by Tony Savant starring Jim Parrack, Evangeline Young, Luke Eddy, Tony Savant, and Kim Savant.

(Find award winners here:

This is by far one of the best film festivals I have attended and I will definitely be planning on attending the 2017 film festival next summer.

It also gave me an excuse to wear a dress I’ve been waiting to wear all summer which is also a reason to be happy.

film festival



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