The Tigers

Not to continue to re-hash the whole gorilla incident once again like it seems everyone has been doing over and over again but I have a point to make about it without saying a word about what my opinion is on what the outcome of that situation was. So for anyone who has been unable to see this news story that has gone viral everywhere: At the Cincinnati Zoo a male silver-back gorilla named Harambe was shot by zoo officials and ultimately died after a young boy climbed into his enclosure and then fell down to where the gorilla was housed with 2 female gorillas. That is the gist of the story without adding any of my own opinions or blaming anyone or saying a word about anything other than exactly what happened. So this story has gone completely viral with people on all different sides of the argument angry at each other and angry at some party involved in the situation. Some people think that the zoo shouldn’t have killed the gorilla, some think they were justified. Some people think he was violent with the child others do not. Some people think that it’s the mother’s fault for letting her son escape, others disagree. Everyone has their own varying opinions on what happened and what should happen and who is to blame. So let me just completely change the subject because this post is actually not about gorillas or the Cincinnati Zoo or parenting or anything like that. This blog post is a question and a story about tigers. So let’s talk about tigers. Tigers are my favorite animals. They are deadly and endangered and beautiful.


So within the same week that the story about a gorilla named Harambe was running, another story was running that I was far more devastated by. In Thailand they have these places called Tiger Temples. Well one particular temple has been under investigation (a story I have been following) for some questionable behavior and the possibility that they are selling their tigers to the black market for various reasons. So then that same week as the Cincinnati Zoo story a story about this tiger temple came out that was absolutely horrible. That tiger temple had 40 frozen tiger cubs. 40. 40 dead baby tigers. They deny that they were going to be sold on the black market where all kinds of horrible people find nasty uses for their bodies however authorities don’t really believe them because honestly what other use do they possibly have for freezing baby tigers? So here’s the difference between this travesty and the death of 40 endangered baby animals and the Harambe story. Harambe was one animal. This is 40 poor babies. Is it sad that both of them died regardless of reason? Of course. But 40. However the story trending and getting beaten like a dead horse was the story about Harambe. This terrible tale of 40 dead tiger cubs never trended, barely got any attention, and no one seemed to really care. So my question is simply: why? Why is it that Harambe got so much more attention than 40 poor little baby tigers?


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